Site Policy

Site Policy

This website (this “Website”) is managed by TANAX, INC. (“TANAX”). Please read the following conditions of use before browsing and using this Website. Browsing and using this Website will be deemed as your consent to these conditions.

1.Prohibited Acts

You must not carry out the following acts when using this Website.

Any act that harms the property, privacy, or other aspects of TANAX or a third party, or any act that is likely to cause such harm
Any malicious act, such as using this Website as a relay point to alter or for unauthorized access of this Website
Any act of declaring or reporting a falsehood, such as the registration of another person’s information
Any act that harms the honor or reputation of TANAX or a third party
Any act that violates laws and regulations, or other directives, or any act that is likely to violate such directives
Any other act that TANAX deems inappropriate


The copyright for all information, such as documents, images, videos, logos, and voice data on this Website (collectively, the “Works”) belongs to TANAX or the third party who owns the copyright. You may not use any Works on this Website beyond the scope recognized under the Copyright Act without TANAX’s or the third party’s permission.


The names of TANAX’s products and services posted on this Website are TANAX’s trademarks or registered trademarks. You may not use those trademarks without TANAX’s prior permission or without notice.

4.Purpose of Use of Personal Information

(1)TANAX takes special care when publishing information on this Website, but does not guarantee the validity and accuracy of that information. TANAX bears no responsibility for any damage incurred in relation to the use of this Website, regardless of the reason for that damage.

(2)TANAX may amend or delete the content of this Website or the URL without prior notice. In addition, any information on this Website may not always reflect the most recent information. The management of the content of this Website may be suspended or discontinued without prior notice. TANAX is not responsible for any damage incurred by such suspension or discontinuation.


(1)Hyperlinks to this Website
Any person is free to post a hyperlink to this Website (the “Link”). However, TANAX may request that the Link be deleted, depending on the content of the website that posted the link, such as any violation of public order and morals. In addition, TANAX does not accept the posting of a Link using TANAX’s logo without notice or the creation of a Link in a form that may be misleading about the source of the information. TANAX bears no responsibility even if the party that posted the Link incurs damage due to posting the Link to this Website.

(2)Hyperlinks from this Website
A link to a website of a third party other than TANAX may be posted on this Website, but TANAX bears no responsibility for any content or the details of any posting on the linked website.


(1)Use of cookies
TANAX uses cookies when managing this Website to improve user-friendliness, to amend the content of postings, for third-party ad serving, and for other uses. Through the use of cookies, your user settings for this Website and other settings are saved as cookies on your computer. The saved cookie information does not contain any information that can be used to identify an individual, such as your name or address. In addition, you can refuse cookies from this Website by adjusting your own browser settings. Contact your specific software developer for how to configure your browser.

(2)Use of third-party ad serving cookies
TANAX advertisements are posted on various websites on the internet using third-party ad servers that carry out advertising. In connection to that, those third parties may access cookies from customers who visited TANAX’s website and use those cookies for advertising. Cookie information that is accessed or used does not contain any information that can be used to identify a specific individual, such as your name or address. Cookie information, etc. accessed by that third party is handled in accordance with that third party’s privacy policy. You may access the opt-out page on the third party’s website, and stop the use of cookies and other information by the third party for advertising.
・Google Japan LLC Privacy Policy
・Google Do not display personalized ads (opt out)

(3)Use of Google Analytics
In order to improve this Website, TANAX uses Google Analytics as a tool to analyze your use. Google Analytics uses cookie information obtained from you. Cookie information obtained and used by TANAX does not contain any information that can be used to identify an individual, such as your name or address.

(4)Google Analytics Advertising Features
The Google Analytics Advertising Features are enabled for this Website, and the following features are used, as well as third-party cookies, such as DoubleClick cookies, to improve advertisements and this Website.
・Reports regarding Google Analytics user distribution and interest categories
This makes it possible to use Google Analytics cookies on this Website and carry out an analysis to generally understand trends in interests in relation to your age or gender, and TANAX products. If you do not wish the Google Analytics Advertising Feature to be used, you can disable tracking in your settings. Google Analytics can easily be overridden by installing the Google Analytics opt out add-on in your browser.

7.Access Data

In order to gather your access data, this Website has pages that are embedded with third-party (e.g., Google Japan LLC) information gathering tags or web beacons. As a result, access data collected by third parties includes URLs of pages accessed by you, the date and time of access, and information that identifies the browser used. Access data gathered by a third party is handled in accordance with that third party’s privacy policy. In addition, TANAX is provided with that access data by such third party in the form of statistical data that cannot be used to identify specific individuals, and uses that data to manage and analyze usage of this Website, to improve the site content, and for third-party ad serving.


In order to improve the level of security, this Website uses SSL encryption transmission in part of its service. By using a web browser that is compatible with that security function, personal information that you input, such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers, is transmitted after automatically being encrypted.

9.Recommended Environment

TANAX recommends using the following web browsers for safe and easy use of this Website.
・Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher
・Latest version of Mozilla Firefox
・Latest version of Google Chrome
・Latest version of Microsoft Edge
・Latest version of Safari


The Acrobat Reader plugin from Adobe Systems Incorporated is required to display, read, or print PDF files posted on this Website. You are responsible for downloading and installing the Adobe plugin.

* Adobe and Acrobat are trademarks or registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the U.S. and other countries.

11.Revision of Site Policy

TANAX may revise this Site Policy. If this Site Policy is amended, the revised site policy will be published on this Website ( The revised site policy is effective from the business day that falls immediately after the date it is posted on this Website.

12.Governing law

The Site Policy and all matters relating to this Website will be governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese law , and the Kyoto District Court will the court of first instance.


Contact us at the following web page for any opinions, questions, complaints, or other enquiries regarding the handling of personal information.


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