Promotion Planning
Starting from the store

Promotion Planning

Providing new value for the next stage

TANAX has accumulated various knowledge and know-how while engaging in in-store promotion of client products.
In the more complicated purchasing process, while ensuring
"products' sales effect", "measure achievability" and "cost effectiveness", we will explore innovation and work together with our clients as the best partner to raise the brand value to the next stage.
UX:User Experience

TANAX Commitment

Designing the experience

UX promotion that creates empathy and diffusion
We carry out UX promotion to promote experience of the products. Through the communication that creates empathy, we will acquire product fans and improve the diffusion effect.
The process of "planning ▶ effect verification ▶ improvement analysis" that focuses on the results will lead to the acquisition of new customers and repeaters.

Expanding product share

Evidence-based share-up promotion
In order to increase the number of products sold, we carry out promotions based on the evidence of consumer behavior and insight analysis. We also have abundant experience in high KPI / KGI promotion measures in collaboration with manufacturers, distribution, and EC.

Optimal Supply

Optimal cost, speed and quality
Through TANAX's planning and manufacturing system cultivated over 100 years and our unique supplier network, we provide optimal cost, speed and quality for various projects.
The creative ability to shape the ideas and the environmental options we can provide that meet the needs and procurement policies of the clients are the advantages of TANAX.

Solution menu


Selling DX

We promote digitalization of the product promotion by utilizing the latest IoT technology.
Based on the real visitor information and purchasing behavior data, we provide optimal solutions that lead to sales expansion.

Real & Digital In-Store measures

With the progress of computerization and EC utilization, the role of real stores is changing drastically as a place to provide "meaningful experiences and discoveries". With a deep understanding of the characteristics of both real and digital, we will deliver the optimal sales promotion measures as a professional of in-store measures.

Providing DX

"Experiencing the value of the product" can lead to the consumers' purchasing motivation. We propose "experiences" that get close to the feelings of consumers and sympathize with their true needs.

TANAX one-stop solution

We realize a one-stop solution with our unique know-how and scheme. Furthermore, by conducting the verification and feedback in the PDCA cycle, we keep making another improvement to the next stage.

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