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by wrapping professionals

Packaging and packing

Creating new value with "wrapping"

Through the packaging and packing business that has continued since the establishment in the Meiji era, we have pursued the "new value" that this business can create. We are able to make proposals which meet customers’ issues and the situation with our wealthy experience in developing and improving the materials for packaging and cushioning in a wide range of industries. Moreover, we also develop products considering the in-store sales promotion and that’s one of the advantage of TANAX.

From the cultivated perspective of a
"professional of wrapping", we will respond to various issues of customers.

Advantage of a Professional

Sustainable efforts

With aiming to the contribution to create the sustainable society, we have been actively promoting the environmental and CSR efforts by introducing our own environmental consideration standards and forest certification ahead of the industry.

History of Innovation

“Credan”, a single faced corrugated cardboard, is our developed product which has excellent flexibility and strength and can be used to pack complicated shaped items. This boasts a top market share nationwide.

To meet the needs of clients, we have a history of innovation that we have worked on the development of packing and cushioning materials and the proposal of optimal materials for packing machines.

Wide-ranging network

We have 7 factories and 11 sales offices in Japan and it’s possible for us to supply the uniformed quality and price nationwide.

Professional Staff

We have the specialists who have the professional knowledge among various field from planning and design of packaging materials and product packages down to the installation and operation of packaging machines.

Clues to solve problems

01.Cost Reduction

02.Increased Productivity

03.Waste Reduction


05.Work efficiency

06.Nationwide support

07.International Procurement

08.Topical package

Cost Reducitonton

01. Cost Reduction

Review of packaging material manufacturing process

Manufacturers that manufacture and sell a wide variety of products purchased a wide variety of small lots of corrugated cardboard according to the product size. The suppliers did not use a wooden mold, but used original processing machines, and the workers manually cut them, so the processing fee was high. We solved that problem with the introduction of Just fit BOX.

Effect of introduction

■ Reduced manual work and big reduction of processing fee
■ Same operation even for the custom-made
■ Work for 3 weeks has been shortened to a minimum of 1 day
Increased Productivity

02. Increased Productivity

Optimization of mail-order logistics process and packaging

Mail-order logistics, which has grown rapidly in the last few years, has not been able to keep up with the growth of its operation design, and has not been maintained in various aspects such as work efficiency, waste of transportation packaging, and human resources.
Just fit BOX, which we started to provide services for the first time in Japan, can solve many problems in the mail-order logistics scene.

Effect of introduction

■ Reduction of transportation cost and environmental burden by optimizing carton sizes
■ Cost effective factory by optimizing carton sizes
■ Operation standardization by simple operation of machines
Waste Reduction

03. Waste Reduction

Eco-friendly single faced corrugated cardboard

When the automobile repair parts are to be shipped out nationwide, they used to be packed with oversized cardboard boxes and too much plastic cushioning materials, but due to the growing social environmental awareness, many clients switch from overpackaging and plastic materials to this eco-friendly products. We develop and provide the eco-friendly single faced corrugated cardboard.

Effect of introduction

■ Easier for the receivers to dispose the packaging materials
■ Less waste
■ Improvement of delivery efficiency because the packaging material got slimmer and lighter.
■ Good appeal of environmental efforts by using paper material

04. Eco-Friendly Package

Adoption of Eco-friendly Packages

Through the activities of the SDGs, packages that utilize environmentally friendly materials are attracting people’s attention. In 2009 we standardized our own environmentally friendly certification label "Chan-to Eco" and in 2010 we acquired "FSC ® Forest Certification". We are actively adopting environmentally friendly products so that we can support to our customers' CSR activities and SDGs contribution activities as a partnership.

Effect of introduction

■ Able to procure paper and wood continuously with considering the forest conservation and biodiversity
■ Good appeal of eco-friendly effort directly to consumers by showing the certification label on products
■ Protect the laborers and indigenous people’s rights by preventing illegal deforesting
Work Efficiency

05. Work Efficiency

Less stretch film with returnable materials while ensuring workability

Stretch film is a packaging material that is widely used for shipping products in all industries because it has excellent binding ability and dust protection and can be easily purchased.
As a company, we are required to respond to the recent social demands such as reduction of plastic waste (industrial disposal) and SDGs. However, there are cases where no concrete measures have been taken because of the issues of inefficient workability, complicated shaped items, cost effectiveness, etc.

Effect of introduction

■ Reduction of plastic waste and industrial disposal
■ Cost reduction by reusing and returning
■ Shortening and standardizing the work time
Nationwide Support

06. Nationwide Support

Network which can supply sales and production nationwide

There are lots of companies that manufacture the products at their own factories and OEMs nationwide, and they choose the vendors at each region for packaging, so the specifications and quality standards are not unified, also packaging material costs and workability might be different at each vendor.

Effect of introduction

■ Material supply with uniformed quality standard and price
■ Supply materials from different factories in case of emergency such as natural disaster
■ Proposal of improvement for cost and workability by uniforming the specification

07. International Procurement

Cost reduction and original material procurement by utilizing TANAX original global network

In recent material procurement, consideration of cost reduction by overseas procured products plays a very important role in purchasing operation. TANAX proposes quality-guaranteed overseas products through a global network mainly around East Asia.

We also supply the same materials nationwide by taking advantage of our nationwide sales network and managing products collectively and arranging delivery.

Effect of introduction

■ It was difficult for domestic manufacturers, but it was possible to manufacture overseas without problems because they are general specifications overseas.
■ More cost reduction than domestic procurement
■ Improvement of management through whole company by procurement with the same products, same prices to the factories nationwide.
Topical Package

08. Topical Package

One stop solution service from product development to sales expansion

There are many kinds of things to consider in product development, such as topicality in the market and increasing demand for added value, diversification of major product sales channels, and operational efficiency in work style reforms. We need to create new value there. TANAX can provide consistent solutions from product development to such problems.

Effect of introduction

■ Designers and structural designers of our company can develop consistent products and packages.
■ Mass production of the package at our factory in Kyoto is possible.
■ Cooperate with set factories nationwide, it is possible to consider specification proposals on the assumption of mass production from the time of development.
■ It is possible to propose in-store development with wealthy know-how of promotion.

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