Chan-to eco
TANAX's Proprietary Green Standard

“Chan-to Eco”
labeling certification system

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“Chat-to Eco” is a TANAX’s original labeling and certification system, with which we certify a store display product or a commercial packaging material that is designed for reducing environmental burdens and eco-friendly through the whole life cycle, from its production to disposal or recycle, as “Chan-to Eco”.

“Chan-to Eco” has been registered as Type II environmental labeling (in accordance with ISO14021) to the environmental labeling database of Ministry of the Environment website.


1.No harmful substance
We ensure the safety of the materials we use and try to reduce Substance of Concern such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in our manufacturing process as much as possible.

2.Resource saving/Energy saving/ carbon dioxide emissions reduction
In the entire process of planning, designing, manufacturing, packaging and delivery, we curb consumption of resources and energy, and thus reduce environmental burdens and greenhouse gas emissions.

3.Contribution to creating recycling-based and sustainable society
We try to ensure sustainability of resources by using bio-plastic and certified forest materials, while contributing to creating recycling-based society by taking initiative in using recycled resources for our product and packaging materials.

Advantages of “Chan-to Eco”, not just for
being environmentally-friendly

Streamlined and careful manufacturing

We carefully check our process, materials and specifications in our manufacturing process and cut waste by reducing environmental burdens.
As a result, it also leads to cost scrutiny, which may provide cost benefits.

Manufacturing based on global standards

Certification standards for “Chan-to Eco” cannot be easily met. A product should conform to all the required items and more than 7 items out of the point-addition items to get certified.
By meeting the standards of “Chan-to Eco”, a product can also have the specifications that conform to global standards for forest certification.

User-friendly and easy-to dispose products

Cutting waste leads to reducing garbage. Our product is designed for easy scrapping and sorting, and we specify the used materials and disposal methods.
As we design our product taking into consideration its entire life cycle, you can reduce time and efforts at the time of disposal.

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