ISO Management System
TANAX's Proprietary Quality Control System

ISO Management System

Quality control system with company-wide involvement, based on multiple management systems

TANAX has built an original management system based on ISO and other standards that is continuously active between quality, the environment, and information security. This is how we ensure a steady level of quality and endeavor to raise customer satisfaction.

Quality Management System

Our Head Factory obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2013. This was the first step toward certification for all factories in 2015, followed in 2016 by certification company-wide, including the Headquarters, branches, and sales offices. For a more effective quality management system that leads to better quality for products and services, we identify issues in the course of our work, continuously improve, and conduct thorough training.

Color Management System

Our printing division has obtained certification for ISO 12647-2, which sets the PSO standard for offset printing. Earning this certification proves that TANAX has built a system capable of providing reliable color offset printing and that we maintain a high level of quality and color reproduction in our printed materials.

The Lithrone G44 printer at the Head Factory

Environmental Management System

The TANAX Head Factory in Ujitawara obtained certification for the ISO 14001 international standard on environmental management in 2001. We set goals for our environmental action, follow the PDCA process, and endeavor to improve performance. A third-party institution conducts routine inspections of system operation so we can confirm effectiveness and implement improvements.

Information Security Management

We view it as critical that our information asset management ensures safety and robustness so we can share and utilize those assets properly. In 2016, we obtained ISO 27001 certification.

TANAX has written an information security policy and we continuously safeguard customer data and personal information. Both at and beyond our ISO 27001-certified sites, we conduct in-house training companywide to strengthen our information security.

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