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Connected Shelf

Providing a new shopping experience

"Connected Shelf" integrate and control multiple shelf signage with IoT sensors and AI. A system that enables the distribution of optimal digital promotional content according to the features of visitors realizes a dynamic sales floor production.

Through the joint development of these two companies, TANAX which handles the sales promotion business, and Ricoh which handles the digital signage business, this system is a new step toward expanding conventional sales promotion services with digital technology.

"Connected Shelf" is to link multiple shelf signages installed on product shelves based on data acquired by sensor modules such as a visitor retention module that uses a distance sensor and a visitor attribute module that links a camera and AI. That's how "Connected Shelf" dynamically displays the optimal promotional content according to the attributes of the visitors such as age and gender.

In addition, the acquired data such as visitor retention information, attribute information, purchasing behavior, browsing / display content type, etc. are logged and can be used for marketing. What's more, since it can be equipped with the current product shelves, you can save the time and effort of installation, so the cost can be reduced.

Support the DX strategy of
retail stores

In recent years, the latest technologies of IoT and AI are bringing the major changes in daily life and business, and even in retail stores, DX (Digital Transformation) is proceeded in stock / order management, dynamic pricing, etc.

"Connected Shelf", which can greatly evolve the digitization of display shelves, will support the further revitalization and sales expansion of the retail and distribution industries as a new part of the DX strategy in retail stores.

Expected as a virus infection control
as face-to-face customer service instead

As a countermeasure against the spread of the new coronavirus infection, "Connected Shelf" can replace the face-to-face customer service with signage, and is expected to reduce the risk of virus infection.
By providing this system, we contribute to the stores where consumers can enjoy shopping with peace of mind as much as possible.

Features of "Connected Shelf"

Automatic Content Switching

It automatically switch content display according to visitors' attributes and the situation in front of the shelves.
By using an exclusive sensor module linked with a camera, AI, etc., it is possible to acquire the retention information and attribute information of visitors in front of the product and automate the display of content according to the situation in front of the product shelves.
By increasing the types of sensor modules, various interactive contents can be deployed in stores.

Besides, data such as visitor retention information, attribute information,
purchasing behavior, and browsing / display content types acquired by the sensor module can be logged and used for marketing.
*At the moment, the visitor retention module and the visitor attribute module are available.
年齢や性別などの来客の属性に合わせて最適なコンテンツを表示し、 ダイナミックに売り場を演出します。
It displays the most suitable content according to the attributes of visitors such as age and gender, and directs a sales site dynamically.

Syncronization Mode

"Synchronization Mode" that displays multiple signages as one screen.
"Synchronization Mode" that displays multiple screens such as shelf signage set on product shelves as one screen is installed as a standard equipment.
It enables the distribution of powerful promotional content that goes beyond just a digital price tag.

Integrated management with CMS

CMS integrates and manages detailed content distribution corresponding to the acquired data.
By using the exclusive CMS (content management system) developed based on Ricoh's cloud-type signage distribution service "Ricoh Digital Signage", not only the centralized content management function, but also the interactive content distribution function utilizing the data acquired by the sensor module can also be integrated into CMS.
Various contents can be chosen and can be distributed based on data by region, store, and time.

Compatible with current display fixtures

"Connected Shelf" can be attached with the current fixtures.
This system can be used by attaching it to the shelves of gondola fixtures (system fixtures), which are commonly used as display shelves in stores.
It is economical because it can be used without replacing the current store fixtures.
To experience "Connected Shelf", please visit our showrooms in the head office in Kyoto and Tokyo branch.
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