Top Message
To Our Stakeholders

A Company Innovating with
the Changing Times:
TANAX's Ambition for the Next 100 Years

Beginning in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has struck the world with a heavy blow. Throughout the pandemic, TANAX has taken company-wide measures to prevent the virus' spread, including masks, sanitizing, and avoiding the Three Cs. Our consistent message has been to "protect the lives and jobs of employees and keep business running." With limits on the number of employees commuting to the workplace and some working from home, I express my gratitude to all employees who have endeavored together to sustain our operations.

In addition to global pandemics, we have faced increasingly grave threats from climate change and environmental problems. In these times, predicting the future is challenging. With conventional ideas and business approaches undergoing great change, we must seek and elevate both our own value and that of the company. I believe our role is to create value for stakeholders.

Under these circumstances, we will unite as One TANAX, and through relentless effort and ingenuity, we will change with the times and work to provide the value that our customers, the market, and society want. As a part of this effort, we changed the name of our company to TANAX, Inc. on September 1, 2021.

TANAX will create unprecedented value by adopting the perspectives of customers and consumers to provide new experiences. Our mission is to provide new discoveries, experiences, and surprises through each product, service, and solution.

Executives and employees will unite to create new value that further meets your expectations.

Ippei Tanaka  CEO
Chief Executive Officer

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