To leave a rich forest in the future


In order to protect healthy forests, it is important to cut down trees appropriately.
Forest certification system, based on global standards, aims to protect the health of forests by certificating and labeling appropriately managed forests
and chain of custody of the timber logged from the forests concerned.
We can provide a product, equally priced as non-recycled paper,
with higher quality than that of used paper.

Types of forest certification

(Forest Stewardship Council)
FSC® is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide
※Headquarter, Branches, Sales Office, Factories have obtained certifications
※FSC certification number:SGSHK-CoC-007632

Flowchart of forest certified product

Flowchart of forest certified product
FM Certification
Forest Management (FM) Certification evaluates and certifies if forest management is appropriate in terms of environmental conservation, socially beneficial, and economically sustainability.

CoC certification
Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification certificates timber logged from certificated forests that are appropriately managed, being completely separated from and not mixed with other non-certified timber products during the process of processing and distribution.
Basically, when the ownership of certified timber is transferred to another company, the new owner has to obtain the certification again, the process of which applies to every step of producing, processing and distribution, continuing like a chain, and thus named Chain of Custody.
※TANAX has obtained CoC Certification.

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